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Leading suppliers of GRP Safety Solutions, Step On Safety, discuss the benefits of installing a GRP access ladder.

At Step On Safety, we are often approached by clients who are have heard about GRP - but aren’t quite sure why they should choose to invest in our fiberglass products over their existing safety solutions.  
If you're not familiar with GRP and would like to find out more, keep on reading! Today we’re going to talk specifically about Access Ladders.
Traditionally, access ladders are constructed from mild steel, which is usually finished or treated to ensure it is suitable to withstand industrial conditions in which they are installed, these include high temperatures, or even exposure to chemicals.
Despite the fact that steel can be incredibly durable and strong, it isn’t necessarily always the best choice – particularly when used as an access ladder. Here are a few of the challenges steel access ladders present:-

  • Steel is a thermal conductor – not only can it get hot very quickly, it can also be extremely cold to the touch
  • It has an incredibly slippery surface underfoot. Due to its smooth metallic nature, it does not provide much grip or support, which can prove a safety hazard 
  • Steel is a relatively heavy material, which can make installation of a steel access ladder quite a challenge. It can prove not only tricky but expensive to install
This is where our GRP Access Ladders come in!
GRP – otherwise known as fiberglass – stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It has become an increasingly popular option for industrial workplaces, due to it’s composite nature taking on both the qualities of plastic and glass.
GRP Access Ladders are a safe option in the workplace:-

  • Lightweight material makes them incredibly quick and easy to install. At Step On Safety our team of experienced installers will fit your Access Ladder in a short space of time
  • They provide plenty of underfoot support. The anti-slip finish of our Quartz-Grip ladder rungs provides unrivaled grip
  • GRP is warm to touch, but not thermally conductive. No matter the conditions a GRP Ladder is exposed to – hot or cold! – it will remain temperate 
  • GRP is resistant to rust and corrosion, so is long-lasting and will not require any maintenance
If you’d like to discover more about the GRP Access Ladders we supply at Step On Safety. To speak to a member of our team, please get in touch.