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Why not take advantage of our GRP cutting service? We can cut and pre-drill our GRP products to your requirements saving you money and time onsite. Our precision tools ensure perfect angles and evenly spaced holes so your completed project will fit together perfectly and look beautifully finished.

Prices are calculated based on the time it takes so depends on the size of the order and how complicated the requirements are. A simple straight cut on a sheet of flat plate or a decking strip only takes a few minutes but cutting 100 strips is a much bigger project; cutting a circle from a 50mm sheet of grating will take a few hours.

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How do you cut GRP?

If you are choosing to cut and drill GRP yourself, you need to make sure you have suitable tools. Choose the tools you’d use if you were working with stone or brick – diamond-tipped or tungsten carbide drill bits or blades. The glass content makes it behave more like masonry than timber. Use a chop saw or jigsaw depending on the shape you need to cut. Glass Reinforced Plastic can be cut into very precise shapes to ensure a good fit.

Place panels face-down so you can cut them from the back surface. Set one panel at a time face-down onto the cutting table or a pair of sawhorses. Clamp it down, if necessary. When you make your cuts, lower the blade into the back surface of each panel. Avoid cutting FRP waffle boards from the front side, as you might end up with some nicks or chips along the top of the material and blades can snag on the embedded quartz crystals. Where possible make cuts along the mesh to avoid ‘fingers’ being left sticking out.

Phot showing GRP fingers left on the edge of a panel. Our GRP cutting service would avoid leaving an edge like this.
Avoid leaving ‘fingers’ after cutting mesh panels

Wear personal protection equipment (PPE) when cutting FRP panels. Before making any cuts, put on safety glasses or goggles to protect your eyes and wear a dust-filtering mask or respirator to prevent any particles from getting into your lungs. Slip on a pair of work gloves to protect your hands, and, if you’re operating noisy power tools, use earplugs. GRP particles can be incredibly itchy and irritating, so choose well-fitting protective gear to prevent them from getting embedded in your eyes, skin, and respiratory system.


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