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Anti Slip Grating

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QuartzGrip® Anti Slip Open Mesh Grating is corrosion-resistant, high-strength, lightweight, anti slip grating alternative to conventional Galvanised and Stainless Steel Grating. Open Mesh Grating helps prevent slips, trips, and falls in hazardous industrial, commercial and public areas. Our Anti Slip Grating can be cut to any size. Always insist on QuartzGrip® to ensure durability, strength and a premium grade product that will last.  

Stock Colours: Grey, Green, Yellow, Bespoke Colours Available

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Trade Customers: Consignment Discounts, RAL Colours and Installation. 

Service Risers | Bund Flooring | Mezzanines | Access Platforms | Walkways | Pontoons | Ramps | Bridges | Bridging Ladders | Fabricated Structures | Work Stations
Material Characteristics.

Fire Resistance.
All products contain a Fire Resistant Additive and attain a Euro Class 1 and ISO 11925-2. This is performance is equivalent to ASTM E84 class 1 and BS 476 part 7 class 2 flame spread gives a 25 minute burn time on the material

Slip Resistance.
The integral angular quartz gritted surface has been tested in accordance with BS 7976-2 providing an exceptional level of slip resistance. Lifespan depends on frequency of use.

Chemical and Corrosion Resistance.
Fibreglass Mesh Grating is resistant against wide a range of chemicals across wide temperature spectrum. Material can be made of different resin systems to achieve specific chemical resistant properties. Please refer to chemical resistance charts, available upon request.

Light Weight and Durable.
Weighing around ⅓ of an alternative steel grating, QuartzGrip® moulded grating is relatively lightweight in comparison, and can be manually manoeuvred into place without the requirement for mechanical assistance.

QuartzGrip® Moulded Grating is exceptionally durable, with an ability to withstand impact, reducing the risk of permanent bucking and deformation.

All QuartzGrip® Moulded GRP grating is pigmented throughout during manufacture, and does not require any secondary treatment such as powder coating or paint spraying. Standard Stock Colours are Green (RAL6001) Grey (RAL7004) and Beige (RAL1003). Bespoke colours available upon request.
Quality Assurance.

Manufactured under our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System, the structural integrity of the specified material is high grade. Whilst a suggested life span of some 25+ years is assumed, this is not a guarantee and is based on a number of variables: environmental, installation process, maintenance, loading and traffic conditions.

UV Stable
All panels are manufactured with a high quality UV inhibitor to prevent UV degradation.
Benefits and Advantages.
BS 4592 compliant.

Stock Colour's: Green, Yellow and Grey

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Non-conductive | Non-magnetic | Bi-directional spanning | Light weight | Corrosion Resistant | Fire Resistant | Low Maintenance
Excellent anti-slip properties (BS 7976-2) | Easy to install | Long lasting and durable |
High strength | Cost effective | BS 4592-4 compliant | Self-Coloured (no need for powder coating or painting) | UV stable Thermally stable | Minimal scrap value
Comprehensive range of fixings available

Price: £146.34