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GRP Mesh – open or solid top – is an ideal material for covering sumps, aeration tanks, drains, manholes, trenches and pits. It’s corrosion-free, chemical and impact resistant and remains anti-slip even in wet or oily conditions. What’s more, it’s less than half the weight of metal or concrete covers, making its removal for maintenance access much easier.

Sump Covers can be cut to any shape or size and can be fitted with access hatches that allow inspection or adjustment of pumps and filters. For larger covers we can install fall-arrest manhole covers to allow maintenance engineers to climb safely inside.

Standard or mini mesh tank covers allow water to flow through whilst filtering debris; solid top versions will keep all dirt and debris out. They can even be made water-tight if required. Our QuartzGrip® GRP Grating is stocked in green, yellow or grey but can be produced in any RAL colour if required.

We can produce covers to your own specification for you to install, or we can install them for you.

Our Sump Covers are built to meet WIMES Specifications, with a minimum Safe Working Load of 5 kN/m2 as standard. If you like to know more, get in touch today.

Sump Covers case studies

Pumping Station Chamber Renovation

A challenging install in a challenging environment; replacing the steel platforms inside four foul chambers.

Pumping Station Chamber Renovation
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Portobello Pumping Station Portobello Pumping Station

Portobello Pumping Station

We were part of the huge Portobello Pumping Station renovation in the summer of 2020 installing GRP Chamber Covers, Walkways and Access Stairs

Portobello Pumping Station

Heavy Duty Aeration Tank Cover

GRP Aeration Tank Cover We have just replaced a dangerously corroded, slippery, steel Aeration Tank Cover at Anglian Water’s Stock Road site in Southend....

Heavy Duty Aeration Tank Cover

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