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TrackSafe Walkways

TrackSafe GRP Track Walkways provide a non-slip surface for engineers to move around on while highlighting the potential pedestrian hazard to drivers.

  • Non-sparking and non-corrosive GRP profiles and waffle board
  • A long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to timber, concrete, gravel and steel
  • Anti-slip even in wet, icy or oily conditions
  • Quick and easy to install without the need for heavy lifting equipment
  • Can be cut to size and made bespoke for our clients’ needs
  • Provides a safe walking route for NWR operatives and passengers should they need to evacuate the train before a station
  • Safe track crossing within depots
  • Can reduce labour costs on site
  • Available in a range of four systems to suit your requirements
  • Optional lighting available in the LUX systems

Four TrackSafe Walkway Systems to choose from

We’ve been providing GRP Track & Cess Walkways for years and, while there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we have now developed a range of four standard options that will meet everyone’s needs. Each one is supplied in modular form with clear, concise diagrams to enable rail engineers to assemble it on site.


Our basic cess walkway system comprising 50mm GRP Box Profiles and yellow 38mm QuartzGrip Open Mesh Grating.

  • Suitable for areas of level ground
  • SWL 5kN/m2 – ideal for occasional use
  • Upgrade to TS-50LUX for integral LED lighting


A raised track walkway system comprising 150 or 200mm GRP Channel Profiles and yellow 38mm QuartzGrip Open Mesh Grating.

  • Suitable for uneven ground and areas prone to flooding
  • Includes continuous handrail
  • SWL 5kN/m2 – ideal for occasional use
  • Upgrade to TS-150LUX for integral LED lighting


A heavy duty raised track walkway system using 200mm GRP I-Beams and yellow 50mm QuartzGrip Open Mesh Grating.

  • Includes continuous handrail
  • SWL 14kN/m2 – for heavy pedestrian traffic and light machinery
  • Upgrade to TS-HDLUX for integral LED lighting
  • Can be upgraded further for vehicular use by replacing the grating with SafeSlab Solid Top panels


Cross tracks safely with TS-X – a walkway system using yellow 38mm QuartzGrip Open Mesh Grating mounted on buzons to bring it level with the rail tracks.

  • Reduces the risk of trips and falls
  • SWL 5kN/m2
  • Can be ramped to connect with hard standing or track walkways
Standard Installation MethodGroundRaisedHeavy Duty RaisedTrack
GRP Frame50mm Box150 or 200mm Channel200 x 100mm I-BeamPedestal
Standard Flooring38mm Mesh38mm Mesh50mm Mesh38mm Mesh
Safe Working Load5 kN/m25 kN/m214 kN/m25 kN/m2
SafeRail Ergonomic Handrail Loading0.84 kN/m20.84 kN/m2
FlooringClosed MeshClosed MeshClosed Mesh
LED Lighting (LUX) to flooring or HandrailYesYesYesNo
SafeClamp HandrailYesYes

Take a look at how Scottish Woodlands used our TS-150 and TS-X Systems to provide safe access at Keith Railway Station in Moray. Get in touch today to discuss which solution will work best for you. You can download our datasheet here.

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