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No matter which part of the train you need to reach, permanent GRP Rail Access Platforms provide a safe, stable, non-conductive working environment.

From cleaning the train to inspecting or repairing HVAC systems, access platforms that run the length of a train – on both sides and at different levels – mean cleaning and maintenance work can start the moment a vehicle arrives. What’s more, it can be worked on by however many crew members you need, ensuring a fast and cost-effective turnaround without sharing space or compromising safety. Step on Safety has supplied extensive multi-level working platforms to wash and maintenance sheds to rail depots across the UK including Selhurst, Leeds Neville and Cambridge.

Choosing GRP to build permanent vehicle access platforms is a smart choice all round;

  • GRP is low-maintenance and long-lasting
  • GRP Stairs and Walkways are quieter to walk on, helping to reduce noise levels in an already noisy working environment
  • GRP Mesh remains anti-slip even in wet or oily conditions
  • Using Mini or Micro Mesh GRP Grating ensure tools and fixings don’t fall through to lower levels if dropped
  • Regular Access Stairs ensure a speedy evacuation in the event of an emergency
  • Hi-Vis Handrailing clearly identifies potential hazards, gates and stairs
  • Adding Screen Guards to the handrails adds another level of safety to walkway sides that don’t need vehicle access

If a permanent GRP Access Platform isn’t a viable option, you could consider a mobile version.

Access Platforms case studies

Selhurst Revisited

We revisited the solution that gave maintenance teams in the inspection and cleaning sheds at Selhurst Traincare Depot, safe and easy access.

Selhurst Revisited

Back at Selhurst

We are back at the Selhurst Rail Depot in Croydon, this time constructing a single storey access platform on Road 6 in the Maintenance...

Back at Selhurst

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