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GRP Pallet Gates

Keep employees safe with a GRP Pallet Gate

GRP Pallet Gates are safety gates that protect workers from falls from height when loading and unloading pallets. They are commonly found on mezzanine floors in warehouses and distribution centres where pallets or goods are lifted up or down.

The design ensures that the edge of the loading area is never left open, providing continual edge protection whether it’s in use or not. When a pallet is loaded onto (or lifted off) the mezzanine, the gate is swung open to allow forklift drivers access to the higher floor.

Once the forklift has moved away, the gate can be closed, blocking off the dangerous edge and opening up the mezzanine side to allow workers to access the pallet. As the front of the gate is lifted up, it simultaneously closes off the back section and the open edge. This not only prevents workers from putting themselves at risk of falling, it keeps them away from the pallet as it is moved.

The side frames fully enclose the area in both open and closed positions.

Made from hi-vis yellow fibreglass profiles our GRP Pallet Gates have many benefits over steel versions besides the safety aspect:

  • Fully bespoke design to suit your requirements
  • Easy to integrate with existing edge protection
  • Much lighter than steel versions so easier to move up and down
  • Hi-vis yellow GRP profiles won’t fade or chip
  • GRP never rusts
  • It’s quieter in use than metal versions – no loud metallic clanging
  • It’s warmer to the touch than metal which makes a difference when loading in cold weather

And, in terms of safety, our GRP Pallet Gate includes the following features:

  • Conformance with BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free GRP construction
  • Fully enclosed sides
  • Balanced action provides easy opening
  • Kick plate
  • Failsafe operation
  • Fully installed by our GRP experts

We also supply GRP Handrail and can install it alongside the GRP Pallet Gates for a complete solution. To find out more or to discuss any access challenges you have in your plant or factory please get in touch.

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