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400 x 400mm

Anti Slip Tactile Flooring

  • Light Weight and Durable 
  • Self-Coloured 
  • Fire Resistance 
Tactile flooring is designed to warn visually impaired pedestrians when they are approaching a change in surface underfoot or hazardous areas such as railway platforms, pedestrian crossings and stairs. 

Why choose Anti-Slip Tactile Flooring?

QuartzGrip Anti-Slip Tactile Flooring is available in a variety of designs to suit various applications. The tiles can be used internally or externally to provide a warning in the change of surface or to denote the hazard that has been approached. 

 QuartzGrip Anti-Slip Tactile Flooring is :

• Easy to install 
• Offers outstanding anti-slip resistance
• Creates a safer environment underfoot
• Lightweight 

Types of Tactile Flooring

In-line Blister Tactiles
This design provides warnings in the absence of a curb less than 25mm high. The surface is an essential safety feature as its terrain differentiates where a footway ends and where the carriageway begins. The tiles also allow wheelchair users to crossroads with ease.

Off-Set Blister Tactile Flooring
Flat-topped domes set in even rows, parallel to the direction of travel to the train. The surface can be any colour (apart from red) to provide a contrast to assist partially sighted people.   

Corduroy Tactile Flooring 
This surface warns of the presence of specific hazards including steps, level crossings, or the approach of street light rapid transit (LRT) platforms.  

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Beige (Buff)

In-Line Blister, Off-Set Blister, Corduroy
400 x 400mm

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