Step on Safety's GRP LitePost


Introducing LitePost – an exclusive new sign post system that doesn’t require costly and time-consuming concrete works.

Constructed from zero-maintenance GRP with stainless steel bolts, they are held securely in place by the ballast or soil they sit in, eliminating the need for a concrete anchor. LitePosts are available in configurations to suit low-level and high-level signage, SPTs and small electrical equipment housings.

  • No concrete
  • No spoil removal required
  • No plant/lifting equipment
  • Reduces installation time
  • Reduces construction risks in third rail and OLE areas
  • No scrap value
  • Can be reused

How to install LitePost

Litepost installation - Step one

Step 1: Dig a hole
Dig a hole deep enough and wide enough to take the base and fins. This can be in ballast, soil or mixed aggregate. Position the LitePost

Litepost installation Step 2

Step 2: Backfill the hole
The weight of the ballast will hold the post down while the fins prevent it from twisting. And you can dig the post out to re-use later.

Simple Solution

Currently available in two standard sizes, Step on Safety’s LitePost System is suitable for use beside tracks and on road or rail embankments.

LitePost SpecificationsSmallLarge
Max height above ground1000mm2400mm
Base dimensions400 x 400mm400 x 400mm
Minimum hole Depth600mm1000mm

To find out more you can download our datasheet; to see a sample or discuss your requirements, get in touch today.

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