Solid Top Flooring

Solid Top Grating / Anti Slip Flooring

QuartzGrip® Solid Top Flooring is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Unlike conventional concrete covers, these lightweight panels complete with lifting slots, stainless steel hinges or handles, can be manufactured to suit 1 or 2 man material handling limits. The solid surface allows smoother movement of wheeled traffic, prevents objects falling through to the level below, and when used as a cover or lid, provides odour retention for storage tanks etc.  

Always insist on QuartzGrip® to ensure quality, durability and long life.  

Stock Sizes: 2440mm x 1220mm x 18mm | 2000mm x 1000mm x 42mm | 3000mm x 1000mm x 42mm | 3660mm x 1220mm   

Stock Colours: Grey | Green

Delivery Options: Express | 3-5 Days

Trade Customers: Consignment Discounts, RAL Colours and Installation. 

Trench Covers | Pipe & Cable Service Duct Covers | Trackside Gravel Retainers | Pedestrian Gangways | Raised Walkways | Effluent Tank Covers | Disabled Access Ramps | Manhole Covers | Baffle Boards | Weir Plates | Traffic Areas
Range of fixings (Dome Washers, Bolts, J Clamps)
Can be cut to any size

NB: Got a question or can’t find what you are looking for? We invest heavily in stock and not everything we do is displayed on our website. If you were looking for a different size/a bespoke measurement or another product contact us: +44 (0)1206 396 446 or fill in the contact form
Helps Odour Retention
High Strength
Low Maintenance
Fire Retardant
Corrosive Resistant
UV stable
Chemical Resistant
Comprehensive range of fixings available