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Roof-Top Access

GRP Roof-Top Access for Construction Industry

From building a staircase to reach the roof, to adding Gantries and Walkways that smooth the surface allowing maintenance teams to navigate safely, roof-top access can be as simple as adding a Hop Over or as extensive as resurfacing the whole area. The Step on Safety team can help you assess how much or how little is required to assure HVAC engineers safe and easy access to the control units, ducting and vents on your building.

All stair and platforms are constructed using QuartzGrip® anti-slip GRP grating with edges highlighted with hi-vis yellow nosing to reduce trips and falls. Platforms and steps more than 40cm high are fitted with handrailing, and self-closing gates can be installed where necessary.

GRP Grating and Structural GRP Profiles are long-lasting and require little to no maintenance. They are UV stable and non-corrosive so won’t fade or rust.

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