Universal™ H-Beam – Grey – 200 x 200mm

Universal™ H-Beam – Grey – 200 x 200mm

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Structural GRP Profile suitable for heavily industrial applications due to its extremely high load bearing capabilities.

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Our H-Beam Structural Profile is manufactured from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin with E glass fibre, suitable for heavily industrial applications due to its extremely high load bearing capabilities. Supplied in 6000mm lengths. We also offer a cutting service – for details click here

  • Exceptional strength: on a weight to weight basis, GRP profiles are stronger than structural steel. The excellent impact strength of GRP profiles reduce damage caused by accidental collisions
  • Lightweight: weighing up to 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminium, GRP profiles provide equivalent performance for considerably less weight
  • Corrosion resistant: GRP profiles are generally unaffected by exposure to a wide variety of corrosive chemicals and environments. A synthetic surface veil is applied, to provide a resin rich layer, thereby enhancing the already excellent corrosion resistant properties
  • Maintenance-free: the corrosion resistant properties of our GRP profiles remove the necessity of periodic painting or surface treatment
  • Low thermal conductivity: all of our GRP profiles have a low thermal conductivity. For example they are around 1/250 of aluminium, and 1/60 of steel
  • Non-conductive: GRP profiles are electrically non-conductive, making their specification ideal for cable trays, ladders, cover boards etc.
  • Electromagnetic transparency: GRP profiles are transparent to radio-waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic frequencies. Therefore, GRP profiles are ideal for aerial masts and radar applications
  • Dimensional stability: GRP profiles are resistant to stretching, warping, or swelling over a wide range of temperatures and physical stresses
  • Thermal stability: GRP profiles are capable of withstanding continuous exposure to temperatures of up to 65?C