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Savoy Hotel

Built in 1889, in 2007 the hotel closed for a four-year-long £220m restoration project which saw the Edwardian structure reinforced, rationalised and restored, bring the facilities up-to-date whilst maintaining and celebrating the glamour and luxuriousness of the original Art Deco styling. The Savoy re-opened in 2010 and quickly re-established its status as one of the top hotels in the world.

Unfortunately, the structural changes made did not foresee the subsequent changes to Health & Safety requirements and last year it was established that further works needed to be undertaken to protect maintenance staff.

After providing an initial quote back in October 2019, work commenced onsite on the 29th July and the next 12 days were spent installing 80 QuartzGrip GRP 38mm Open Mesh Grating riser floors over ten storeys of the historic building. Retro-fitting riser decks is always more challenging than being involved during the construction of a property; access is restricted and you’re working around structures and fittings that would ideally be installed AFTER the riser floors are in place.  

However, the work was made a little easier by the Covid19-enforced closure of the hotel. There were no guests to work around and staff levels were at a minimum. While access was still difficult, at least disrupting residents’ stays with construction noises wasn’t an issue.

There was a documentary about the 2007 renovations and, more recently, a TV series following the daily activity at the Savoy which ended as the hotel locked down in March 2020. Viewers are still waiting to find out if there’ll be a second season, but here’s hoping that by 2021 life there will be back to normal. To find out how Riser Floors can improve the safety of your property call Steve or Amber on 01206 396 446.