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Euro Tunnel, Folkestone

Background- The prestigious Euro Tunnel officially opened in 1994 at a cost of £9 billion operating a passenger and freight service between London and Paris.

Project - Creating a safe working environment for maintenance teams

The Solution - Step On Safety were contacted to provide their turn key service for design and installation of various bespoke GRP Track & Signal Access Solutions across their network, thus providing safe access for maintenance teams carrying out their scheduled works. 

Step On Safety's GRP / FRP Composite Ladders and Access Platforms were the ideal choice throughout due to their benefits over traditional materials providing : 

- Non-Conductive
- Non-Corrosive
- Light Weight
- No - Low Maintenance
- Non Sparking
- Slip Resistant  

The above meant that a safer working environment was created for the track operatives along with fewer disruptions to the running trains / customers.