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Embankment Staircase – Ballast Boards

Embankment Staircase Scottish HIGHLANDS – Ballast Boards

Background - Our client have had numerous issues with moving ballast surrounding new and old embankment staircases.
Project - The client approached Step on Safety Ltd to provide a means of supporting the ballast that was strong, hard wearing, easy to install and that could incorporate the handrail system as installed on the embankment staircases.
Solution - Specialising in composite materials, Step on Safety ltd designed, pre-fabricated and delivered GRP Ballast boards with secured ergonomic handrailing to the clients requirements and at the same time meeting Network Rail Specifications. Step on Safety's GRP Solution was the ideal choice to combat the inherent issues associated with moving ballast by being hard wearing, high strength, non- conductive, non - corrosive, non-sparking fire resistant  and easy to install which was key in this particular environment. Step on Safety's GRP open mesh anti-slip grating was chosen for all flooring and stair treads with DDA compliant nosing to ensure the structures complies with Document M+K and the Equalities Act Guidelines.  
Materials Used – The design / fabrication is constructed completely from GRP Composite Materials with exceptions to the fixings which are Stainless Steel. 
GRP Pultruded Slab panels
Heavy Duty GRP Hand 
Structural GRP Pultruded box  section for the handrail posts.