400 x 400mm

Tactile Flooring

  • Light Weight and Durable 
  • Self-Coloured 
  • Fire Resistance 
QuartzGrip® Anti Slip Tactile Flooring comes in a variety of designs to suit various applications. Tactile Flooring, or Tactiles, are flooring tiles for internal and external hazardous areas such as the top of a staircase or the edge of a railway station platform. Changing the surface from flat to tactile denotes the hazard.

In-line Blister Tactiles are designed to provide a warning to visually impaired people who, in the absence of a kerb upstand less than 25mm high, would find it difficult to differentiate between where the footway ends and the carriageway begins. The surface is, therefore, an essential safety feature for this group of road users at pedestrian crossing points, where the footway is flush with the carriageway to enable wheelchair users to cross unimpeded.

Off-set Blister Tactile Flooring comprises flat topped domes set in evenly spaced rows parallel to the direction of travel along the platform. The offset of the domes indicates the direction of travel to the train. Used adjacent to safe carriageway crossings, the surface can be any colour other than red, but should provide a good contrast with the surrounding area to assist partially sighted people.

Corduroy Tactile Flooring is used to warn visually impaired people of the presence of specific hazards; steps, level crossings or the approach to on-street light rapid transport (LRT) platforms. It is also used where a footway joins a shared route; essentially, it conveys the message, “hazard proceed with caution."

Beige (Buff)

In-Line Blister, Off-Set Blister, Corduroy
400 x 400mm

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