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Spring is the perfect time for a spot of Spring cleaning, a great opportunity to start sprucing up your home – both inside and out!
Do you have existing timber decking in your garden? If so, you’re probably all too familiar with how Winter weather and Spring showers can play havoc with your wooden decking. You’re probably also familiar with how much upkeep your decking requires, not only does it need staining and protecting, but also pressure-washing at the end of Winter, to remove the layer of mould and slime that has no doubt built up. To cut to the chase, timber decking can be hard work!
Not only can timber decking require a lot of maintenance, but if not looked after it can also provide a hazard in your very own garden. Wet or weathered decking can quickly become very slippery and provides very little grip underfoot. 
But thankfully, we have two options for you to consider this Spring, to get your garden ready for Summer and to prevent any accidents happening in your own home!
Composite WPC Decking
Introducing, our premium-grade WPC decking – the perfect alternative to traditional timber decking! Manufactured from a combination of wood and plastic, the end result is a product which benefits from both the lightweight, long-lasting nature of plastic with the durability of glass. And the best news? Our WPC Decking is ANTI-SLIP, making it the perfect solution for outdoor dining areas – whether in your own garden, or for commercial dining areas including beer gardens or restaurants. 
Decking Strips
Not quite ready to replace all of your existing decking yet? Don’t worry! There’s still a way to add an additional layer of safety to your outside decking with our GRP Decking Strips. These are an incredibly affordable option, and can be easily screwed and glued to existing timber decking. Discover the benefits of our decking strips.
Stay safe this Spring, and don’t let those Spring Showers create a safety hazard in your garden!

See what we can do for the interior of your home too, no job is too small for Step On Safety.