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Our customer needed access to various rooftop service points. There were various restraints and obstacles that needed to be taken into consideration for the Maintenance teams working on the roof in the future.

Design, Supply & Installation of GRP Access Stairs, GRP Access Platforms, GRP Access Up & Overs.

Our client approached us in need of a commercial safety solution that would allow their team access to their rooftop. Due to the design of the building, there were various restraints and obstacles that needed to be taken into consideration to enable the Maintenance team to be able to safely work on the rooftop in the future. Our design team created a bespoke solution to suit their needs. Read our step by step process below to discover how we work with our clients.

The Process:

  • Antony, our Lead BDM, made a site visit along with Ben, our site contracts manager to discuss our clients needs. When solutions had been found to all aspects of the project, the site was surveyed and sketches produced.

  • Back in the office, Martin drew up the plans for the GRP access stairs, up & overs ,and platforms. Using GRP for the structures ensured that every construction was lightweight, maintenance free and non-slip, all important for rooftop access.

  • Our in house installation team liaised with our client throughout the project, to ensure minimum disruption, an achieve maximum productivity, resulting in an early finish to construction.

  • Feedback from the client on both the products and installation teams was great with all parties involved extremely happy with the end results and snag free service we provided.
Are you a business in need of a commercial safety solution for your building?

Whether it’s a simple ramp to allow easy accessibility into your building, access to a rooftop or safety features to existing staircases, we can help. Contact our team today to find out more.

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