GRP Bridges & GRP Marina Walkways

Sometimes the only way to get from A to B is to go up and over rather than around. To clear ditches, streams, sluices and hazards on deck, a GRP gantry offers the perfect solution. It can be made as long as required, can go around corners, have as many entry points as needed and is strong enough to safely support people and equipment.

Step on Safety Raised Walkways are constructed using QuartzGrip® anti-slip GRP Grating supported by GRP Structural Profiles. Staircases, Ramps or Ladders can be added at each end or at mid-points providing easy access with Handrails, self-closing Safety Gates or Safety Hoops where required.

GRP Walkways weigh far less than steel equivalents, making them ideal for use on and around boats. They don’t need heavy lifting equipment to manoeuvre into position so are quicker and more economical to install. Once in place, the Glass Reinforced Plastic will never rust or rot. It’s also UV stable, so won’t fade or need painting and is impact resistant, so it won’t get dented by knocks or dropped equipment.

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