Modular Handrail Systems

Fibreglass Modular Handrail Systems / Safety Handrails

SafeClamp® Modular Handrail Systems are the ultimate composite Safety Handrails and Safety Barrier and a modern alternative to galvanised metal alternatives.

Manufactured from Isophthalic Polyester, this tubular safety modular handrail system is popular and widely used in yellow or grey. SafeClamp® is unlike any other barrier system, it’s; anti corrosive, non-conductive, UV stable and takes minimal time to install.  Comprised of 50mm Diameter Pultruded tube, 5mm thick for real strength and toughness and joined together by a range of specifically designed GRP moulded fittings to create the complete handrail system, the Fibreglass tube can be quickly cut to length on-site to make the handrail stanchion, hand and knee rails with the matched pairs of moulded fittings clamping around the tube to complete all the joints. The fittings are mechanically fixed to the tube with a through bolt, or self-tapping screws or rivets. 

For additional security, the fittings can also be adhesive-bonded using single or two pack adhesives. The nut and bolt heads are recessed within the moulded fitting, ensuring a safe uninterrupted hand hold, with no snagging on clothing.

Our Safety Handrails, including this Modular Handrail System, is bespoke and made-to-order.

Colours: Yellow or Grey

Trade Customers: Consignment Discounts, Range of RAL Colours, Installation Available.

Railway Embankments
Disabled Access Ramps
Edge Protection
Trolley Bays
Raised Walkways
Lightweight – Easy to carry to difficult to access locations avoiding multiple site visits to measure up, prepare detailed drawings and assembly off-site in difficult to manoeuvre Sub-assemblies.
Simple to Assemble – Tubes all cut square – no mitre or difficult angles to cut.
Hand tools Assembly – No local power supply issues and no hot work permits required.
Tough and strong – Well suited to the aggressive service conditions of an industrial environment.
Corrosion resistant – Excellent weather-ability and resistant to most industrial chemicals – very low maintenance.
Colourfast – Pigmented throughout ensuring that any Surface scratches are less visible – no corrosion of the sub -surface. Any surface damage can be easily repaired.
Warm to the touch – The low thermal conductivity of GRP makes it ideal for use in public areas, especially ramps and other areas designed for disabled access.
BS Compliant - Certified in accordance with BS7818:1995 (0.84 k/N)
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