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Anti Slip Decking Strips

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Our Convex Decking Strips are part of our QuartzGrip® DDA-compliant range of anti-slip safety products. These Anti Slip Decking Strips are made from corrosion-resistant fibreglass and are designed for easy-fixing to existing timber decking. For the best results, we highly-recommend you glue and screw Decking Strips in place to prevent movement.

Our Anti Slip Decking Strips are ideal for use on garden decking, family picnic areas, walkways, pontoons, terraces, promenades, and boardwalks. This product adds grip and enhanced safety to slippery wooden decking.


Colours: Black, Brown, Yellow, Beige. Others available on bulk orders.
Sizes: 3000mm x 50mm, 3600mm x 50mm & 3000mm x 100mm.
Trade Customers: Consignment discounts available based on volume. 

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To create our Anti Slip Decking Strips a hard-wearing silicon carbide grit is applied to the upper surface to provide an effective anti-slip finish, which out-performs conventional aluminium or rubber material for slip resistance. Our Decking Strips are designed to fit directly onto existing timber decking, concrete and even metal. Unique chamfered edges ensure a low-profile fit while reducing the trip hazard. These Decking Strips are low-maintenance and have a variety of properties. They are fire retardant, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, and anti-static.

Sizes: 3000mm x 50mm, 3600mm x 50mm & 3000mm x 100mm. Pre-drilling of fixing holes available.
Colours: Black, Brown, Yellow, Beige. Other RAL colours available on bulk orders.


Quality Assurance
Manufactured under our ISO 9001-accredited Quality Management System, the structural integrity of the material is high-grade. A suggested lifespan of 25+ years is assumed but not guaranteed. It is subject to environmental, installation, maintenance, loading and traffic conditions.

Fire Resistance
All products contain Fire-Resistant Additive and attain a Euro Class 1 fire rating. BS EN ISO 9239-1 and BS EN ISO 11925-2. This product's performance is equivalent to ASTM E84 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 7, Class 2 flame spread and, in effect, gives a 25-minute burn time.

Slip Resistance
The integral angular, quartz-gritted surface has been tested in accordance with BS 7976-2, providing an exceptional level of slip resistance.

Chemical Resistance
Fibreglass products are resistant against wide a range of chemicals across a vast temperature spectrum. The material can be made of different resin systems to achieve specific chemical resistant properties. Please refer to chemical resistance charts, available on request.

Price: £5.46