Fibreglass Grating

Anti Slip Fibreglass Grating

Our Phenolic Fibreglass Grating is a specialised Anti Slip Grating product with superior corrosion resistance and extreme fire resistance. It is often used for offshore oil and gas facilities, ocean vessels, chemical plants, semi-submersible platforms, railways, subways, and escape structures.

This Phenolic Grating is lightweight, weighing just 1/3 of the weight of steel alternatives, and is incredibly low maintenance. Our Fibreglass Grating is US Coastguard Approved, antistatic and UV-stable.


Colours: Reddish Brown
Made to Order: Estimated Delivery 6 - 10 weeks
Trade Customers: Consignment discounts available based on volume. 

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QuartzGrip® Pultruded Phenolic Fibreglass Grating is US Coast Guard Approved, meeting Level 2 & 3 Structural Integrity in accordance with USCG PFM 2-98. Fibreglass Grating products are also often specified in applications where safety from fire or chemical corrosion is a concern.

Fire Rating Index 5 requires the sample to be exposed to 927°C (1700°F) for one hour (as per ASTM E-119) adjacent to a comparable steel grating. Smoke-developed index (SDI) 5. There is a comprehensive range of fixings available for this product. Contact us for details.

Available sizes:

- 3670mm x 1220mm x 38mm
- 6096mm x 1524mm x 38mm

This product can be cut to any size.

Colour: Reddish Brown
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