Anti Slip Decking Strips

Anti Slip Strips for Wooden Decking

The Problem
Traditional timber garden decking can become extremely slippery due to a number of environmental factors such as water, moss, algae & mould.

Despite the best efforts of regular jet-washing maintenance, this can sometimes fail to overcome the problem, so an alternative solution is required, and we believe TimberGrip to be the answer to your problems, with a number of easy to install products, designed to overcome the hazards of slippery garden decking.

The Solution
TimberGrip is available in a variety of styles to suit both new-build, or refurbished timber decks, and once installed provide an unbeatable level of slip resistance, whilst retaining the aesthetics of timber decking.

Convex Strips
Designed to fit directly onto existing timber decking. The unique chamfered edges ensures a low profile fit, thereby reducing any perceived trip hazard. Simply Glue & Screw into place. Convex Decking Strips are available in either 50mm or 100mm widths in lengths up to 3000mm. Our standard Decking Strips stock colours are BLACK, BEIGE, YELLOW and BROWN.

Infill Strips
These are available in a variety of bespoke widths, and are intended to slot into rebated timber decking.

This two-part system ensures easier installation, as unlike some resin & aggregate filled timber boards, which can blunt convention timber cutting blades, our TimberGrip Infill Strips can be cut to size and simply dropped into place.

Deck Plates
Typically available in 100 or 150mm widths, with bespoke sizes available upon request, our TimberGrip Anti-Slip Deck Plates provide a more comprehensive coverage to existing timber surfaces

TimberGrip Deck Plates are available in bespoke lengths up-to 3660mm, in any of our standard BLACK, YELLOW, BEIGE, GREY OR RED

All of our Timbergrip products are easy to install. We can supply any of the above products cut to your exact dimensions, with fixing points pre-drilled & countersunk. Please request this when placing your order

A range of adhesives are available along with Stainless Steel Wood Screws, or Reisser Self Drilling & Countersinking tropicalised Screws.

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Anti Slip Decking Strips

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  • Bridges
  • Garden Decking
  • Piers & Pontoons
  • Platforms
  • Steps
  • Disabled Access Ramps
  • Fishing Platforms
  • Caravan Access Platforms
  • Balconies
  • Verandahs
  • Easy to Install – Simply Glue or Screw Fix
  • Ideal for Commerical or Domestic Decking
  • Exceptional ANTI-SLIP Properties (BS7976 – 2)
  • Low Profile (4mm Thick) With Chamfered Edges
  • Moss & Algae Resistant
  • Assists Conformance with DDA Legislation
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Available in Yellow, Brown, Beige or Black
  • Affordable

Please call us on 01206 396 446 for more information and to get a quote
or use the contact form on our site

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