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Riserdeck is a new composite open mesh, anti-slip flooring system designed for easy installation within Mechanical & Electrical Service Riser Vents, Smoke Risers and Riser Flooring.

Riserdeck provides a modern high specification alternative to traditional galvanised steel and ply board service riser duct flooring. Riserdeck is easy to install. Simply cast into fresh concrete, as the building is constructed, or retrofit at a later stage. Riserdeck is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and extremely durable.

The flexibility of the Riserdeck system allows opportunities for increased safety, whereby the riser opening can be closed off at the same time as it is formed, this not only saves lives but also gives the contractor the opportunity of cost savings galore, no expensive crash barriers required, as a safe working platform is already installed, reduced labour on site = reduced risk, materials offer environmental benefits aswell through weight savings over traditional materials used, circa 50%.

If the ultimate solution doesn’t suit the profile of the project, then step on also offer the next best thing, a fully integrated installation package, using its own specialist site teams, where the riser opening gets closed out straight after its cast. Their skilled approach means that service routes through the risers are taken into account when the support structure is planned, ensuring that when the service holes are simply cut out of the grating, using a jigsaw and no hot works permit, the contractor is left with a safe working platform that will last as long as the building.

The Step on Safety Riserdeck system offer a lightweight, non corrosive, non magnetic, chemical resistant, uv stable & Rf transparent solution for the 21st century construction industry

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  • Exceptional Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Quick & Economical to Install
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Bi-Directional Spanning
  • Corrossion & Weather Resistant
  • Multi-Purpose Usage
  • Excellent Load-Bearing Capabilities
  • Excellent Anti-Slip Surface
  • Fire Resistant (BS 476)



Please call us on 01206 396 446 for more information and to get a quote
or use the contact form on our site

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