GRP Profiles

GRP Profiles are manufactured into a variety of pultruded profiles: Angle, Tube, Box, Channel, I-Beam, Rod and Handrail.  GRP Structural Pultruded Profiles provide a variety of benefits and mechanical properties matching or exceeding steel equivalents. 

All Step on Safety GRP Pultruded Profile sections are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester resin reinforced with E Glass Fibre and including a continuous strand mat and a polyester surface veil as the exterior surface layer. This combination provides exceptional corrosion resistance and weather resistance at an economical cost

The standard BS EN 13706 – Specification for Pultruded Profiles, defines two grades of GRP Structural Profiles. All Step On Safety structural profiles with a wall thickness of over 5mm thick meet the higher performance E23 grade while those at 3-5mm wall meets the E17 grade.

GRP Profiles are commonly utilised in the construction of composite structures. Step On Safety specialise in the fabrication of Composite Platforms, Stairways, Access Ladders, Bridges, Walkways and Handrail

All profiles listed below are generally supplied direct from stock in 6m lengths. All profiles can be cut to your required dimensions for a small additional charge.

Stock Sizes: Up to 6m 

Stock Colours: Grey | Yellow

Delivery Options: Express | 2 Days Post Fabrication

Trade Customers: Consignment Discounts, RAL Colours and Installation. 

Energy | Aerospace | Factories | Rail | Access Platforms | Rooftop Up and Overs
Sizes: 6m lengths | Can be cut to any size
Colours: See Profile Guide

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High Strength
Non Conductive
Low Maintenance
Fire Resistant
Corrosive Resistant
Thermal Stable
Chemical Resistant
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