Ergonomic Safety Handrail System

Safety Handrails

At Step on Safety we manufacture the highest quality GRP Safety Handrails, designed for commercial use. Our safety handrails are crafted from premium-grade Isophtalic Polyester and are prefabricated to meet your specifications at our UK facility. We’ll ship your commercial handrails directly to you for quick and easy installation by our team. The Ergonomic Safety Handrail System comprises of an Ergonomic Top Rail, 50 x 50mm box section stanchions and a 38mm tubular mid-rail, and comes with a safety kick plate to the base. All handrail components are joined via stainless steel rivets, screws or bolts.


The anti-slip, non-metallic finish of our safety handrails is a popular alternative to traditional metal. Unlike metal, it is warm to touch, non-conductive, and due to it’s complete pigmentation – does not require painting or powder coating.


Our Ergonomic Safety Handrail System is lightweight, maintenance-free and easy to install.


Colours: Grey and Yellow
Delivery: 48hrs after fabrication
Trade Customers: Consignment Discounts, RAL Colours & Installation

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At Step on Safety, our GRP Safety Handrails can be cut to any size and come in a range of colours, depending on the size.

Predominately, our durable Safety Handrails are used for pedestrian safety barriers and in commercial environments, such as in warehouses and factories. They are also often used in airports, stadiums, hospitals, universities, schools, railway stations and leisure parks, as well as motorway sign access platforms and supermarket trolley bays. Our GRP Safety Handrails are high-strength and low-maintenance thanks to their fire retardant and corrosive and chemical-resistant properties. They are also anti-static and UV stable, ensuring quality and, ultimately, longevity.

Colour: Grey and Yellow

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