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RecoDeck Composite Decking / WPC Decking
At Step on Safety, we offer premium-grade Anti Slip WPC Composite Decking made from a combination of recycled wood and polymer. Our RecoDeck Anti Slip Composite Decking is engineered to meet the needs of today's buyers and specifiers who want to work with advanced, technical flooring solutions.

Our WPC (wood, plastic composite) Composite Decking offers the aesthetic of timber with composite engineering advantages, making it suitable for both commercial and residential use. Our non slip decking is a safe choice for consumers, offering them a low-maintenance outdoor flooring option. 


Colours: Classic Teak and Light Grey
Delivery: Express Delivery or Next Day Delivery
Trade Customers: Consignment discounts available based on volume. 

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Anti Slip WPC Decking is a fantastic alternative to traditional timber decking. Many timber decks require costly maintenance, but this Anti Slip Decking requires little to no maintenance and has longevity, which makes it an excellent solution for low-fuss and safe exterior flooring.

Our Boards are comprised of 55% natural wood fibre and 35% recycled plastic, making them much denser than natural wood. The wall of our hollow board is 6mm thick, which makes it much stronger than industry standard boards which are just 4mm thick. RecoDeck decking boards look and feel like real timber but come with the composite engineering advantages of low maintenance, high-strength and long-life.

Our Anti Slip WPC Decking is ideal for use in outdoor dining areas, including beer gardens, restaurants and rooftop terraces, as well as around pools and as marina and pontoon decking, and in spa and leisure areas. For residential use, this Anti Slip Decking can be used as garden decking.

Colours: Classic Teak and Light Grey

This Anti Slip Decking is algae and mould-resistant and very easy to install and maintain.
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